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On April 4th 1993 the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny was opened by President Mary Robinson. This was following a fund raising initiative led by local theatre lovers who remained at the heart of the Watergate for the coming years.

The official opening would alter the performing arts scene in Kilkenny, bringing national and international performances to this intimate new venue and providing a significant performance hub for the arts to flourish.

Since it’s opening in 1993, the Watergate Theatre has staged national, international and world-renowned performances from theatre to music across all genres, opera, stand-up, dance, musical theatre and much more. The purpose of the Watergate Theatre is to both entertain, foster talent and behave as a centre for creative and artistic excellence for those who access it so that their lives are enriched culturally. This will remain at the core of the Watergate ethos for years to come.