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We strive for the Watergate to be a point of community for people of all ages, backgrounds interests and abilities. Whether through participatory or audience driven work we hope that people will view the Watergate as a place of welcome and openness to all. When people are at the Watergate we strive for them to have fun, learn, challenge thinking and view the theatre as a place for them and where they can meet people with shared interests and feel at home.

Community Arts

All enquiries for use of the theatre for community arts productions - which we welcome very much - should be directed to Joanna on

Children Young People

We partner with artists across all disciplines, parents, teachers, young people and children to become present in the lives of children and young people as soon as possible so that they can see the theatre as a place that is part of their lives and which can enrich their day-to-day experience from when they first visit and for the rest of their lives.

We hope that welcoming children and young people early in their lives can foster the sense in them that the possibility of having a career in the arts is a real one which the Watergate can support. We work towards showing work at the Watergate in which artists of all colours and ethnic backgrounds are represented so that the children of all colours and backgrounds, whom we welcome as audience members and participants can see a vision of their own futures on our stage.