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Paddy Cullivan's

I Can't Believe It's Not Ireland

Fri 11 Oct 2024


I cant believe its not Ireland

Join Paddy on a hilariously insightful journey through the history of partition and the Ireland of the future...

Imagine this. It's 2032. The people have spoken on both sides of the border and Ireland is a brand new 32-county country. There's a new flag. A new anthem. There's even a new capital! As Unionists holiday in the south, discovering the imperial joys of 'Royal' Dublin - southerners discover the ancient landscape of Ulster beyond the retail outlets of Newry and Titanic Belfast. Magical things happen when you create a new country - where EVERYTHING is on the table - and it’s exciting.

Leave all your preconceptions at the door. It's not a United Ireland. It's not an 'agreed' Ireland. It's not 'shared' - nor is it 'new'. It's simply- 'I can't believe it's not Ireland'! But first...we have to get there….

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