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The Bridge

Eduardo Martín and Ahmed Dickinson

Sat 11 May 2024


The Bridge

The Bridge is Cuba’s most internationally acclaimed guitar duo. With their musical empathy, Eduardo Martín and Ahmed Dickinson transform their concerts into a vehicle that connects, incorporates and juxtaposes their different generations; and the spiritual journey that drives their thrilling yet soothing performances.

Like many other Cubans or Caribbean, they enjoy a natural sense of rhythm. The guitar is their favoured instrument, which idiomatically conveys all the melodic and rhythmic intricacies of South- America's cultural diversity.The Bridge is a compilation of the most alluring works for two guitars by Grammy nominee composer Eduardo Martín.

Here, classical styles and rock merge with son montunos; old Yoruba chants, feel-good rumbas, funk- boleros, new age tunes and cinematic pieces sit alongside Cuban tumbaos with slap bass.

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