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Vicki O' Donoghue

A Walk Through Time

Fri 1 Mar - Tue 30 Apr 2024

A Walk Through Time main image

Vicki O'Donoghue is an abstract painter who works primarily with oils and cold wax. She uses bright colours, line and form in an energetic way to express her deep respect for the history of the land, which she describes as real and raw. Vicki aims to capture the changing light and shadows that traverse the landscape, emphasising the texture and geology within. Her strong connection with her environment allows her to intuitively convey her experiences and daily encounters through her choice of materials, enabling her to describe her observations.

The artwork on display in ‘A Walk Through Time’ at Watergate Theatre has evolved throughout time, with a particular emphasis on the artists' interpretation of the creative development of ancient artefacts including standing stones, dolmens, menhirs, and cave art. These landmarks are brought into the twenty-first century by being condensed into a few simple lines and colour blocks that convey their meaning. The artist presents a modern interpretation of these monuments' significance while delving into their symbolism, folklore, and mythology. This innovative method encourages viewers to respect the harmony between the old and the new.

A Walk Through Time by Vicki O’ Donoghue is now open for viewing in the Watergate Theatre Gallery from Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm and Saturday from 2pm – 6pm!

1. Oath to Odin - €585

61x 61cm

2. Temporal Loop - €675

59 x 42cm

3. Morrigan Surveying Her Land - €585

61 x 61cm

4. Glacial Deposit - €675

59x 42cm

5. Communicative Aura - €585

61 x 61cm

6. In Celebration of Samhain - €395

40 x 35cm

7. Juxtaposing Timelines - €595

76 x 51 cm

8. In the Spirit of Giants - €375

46 x 35cm

9. In the Presence of the Sacred Symbol of Wisdom - €375

46 x 35cm

10. Manannan Mac Lir (Celtic Son of the Sea) - €450

61 x 61cm

11. Shadow of Self Falls in to view the Marriage Stone - €450

61 x 61cm

12. Moon Witnessing an Encounter between Druids and Menhirs - €375

40 x 35cm

13. The Deity Presides - €375

40 x 35cm

14. Deity of Protection - €595

61 x 61cm

15. Resurrecting the Beast - €585

61 x 61cm

16. So They Documented on Stone - €585

61 x 61cm

17. False Men - €900

124 x 61cm

18. Festival of Bealtaine - €900

124 x 61cm

19. Homage to Moai - €345

40 x 40cm

20. Back Then - €375

73 x 52cm

21. Homage to Eglone the Giant - €595

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